Sausage Nowadays

When we are going into Super Market we will find lots of variety of sausage. The first visual element that distinguish them are their apperance. They come in various colors like white, yellowish,brown, darkbrown, reddish etc and in various shapes and sizes.

Generally speaking, all sausages comprises the following components:

  1. Meat
  2. Flour
  3. Flavour enhancer
  4. Casing
  5. Preservative (most of the time)
  6. Colorant (for certain sausage)

When deciding on the kind of ingredients that goes into making sausages, especially on a large scale, it is crucial to achieve an optimum balance between price and quality, and also considering the targeted market buying power. Our sales personnel are trained to provide our customers with the correct recommendations on the combination of ingredients in order to ensure competitive cost and suitable quality towards the targeted market segment, including the right selection of flavours, meat, preservatives depending on the market situation of each unique customer.

For example, if the product is being targeted towards the mid to low end segment of the consumer market, it is usually not advisable to have a high meat content as this will make the cost become too high. Rather suitable substitutes such as fiber, modified starch and flavors can achieve the same desired effect on the finished product without incurring higher cost.

It is also an important cost factor when choosing whether will use natural casing or artificial casing. Again it is depend to the market they want to target.

So do we want to make Sausage ourselves ?